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Free Maine DMV Permit Practice Test (ME)

  • Perfect for learner’s permit, driver’s license, and Senior Refresher Test
  • Based on official Maine 2024 Driver's manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.

About this test

6 min to complete
Available in EN, ES, RU

This Maine DMV practice test has just been updated for July 2024 and covers 40 of the most essential road signs and rules questions directly from the official 2024 ME Driver Handbook. In order to drive in Maine, you’ll be required to pass the official ME DMV test. It’s also known as the DMV permit test, driving test, DMV written test, driver’s license test, or simply the driver’s test. The Maine written knowledge test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions regarding rules of the road, road safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety guidelines, driving under the influence laws, and more. You must score an 80% or better to pass by correctly answering at least 24 of 30 multiple-choice questions based on the 2024 Maine Driver’s Guide. If you are at least 15 years of age, you may apply to get your learner’s permit and take the knowledge test. When you’re ready to take your tests, you must bring an application form, two proofs of identification, proof of residency, a birth certificate for those under age 23, a certificate proving you’ve completed a driver education course if you’re under age 18, and the $10 fee. The Maine BMV will process your application and schedule a time at your local BMV office within the next three weeks. Unlike most states, the process to take the written driver’s test can take a while, so it’s important to study. To help you prepare, we’ve designed this ME DMV practice test -- use it as your first step to prepare for the official exam.


Maine Learner’s Permit Test FAQs in 2024

What are the steps to obtain a learner’s permit?

In Maine, to get a learner’s permit, you must be at least 15 years old, pass a vision test and a written knowledge test, and provide proof of identity, residency, and being enrolled in or having completed a driver’s education course if under 18.

How much does it cost to obtain a permit?

The fee for a learner’s permit in Maine is approximately $10. However, it’s recommended to check the latest fee on the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles website or at a local office.

What happens if I fail the permit test?

If you fail the permit test in Maine, you can retake it, but you may be required to wait a specified period before retesting. It’s advisable to review the material and improve on areas of difficulty before retaking the test.

Can I get a driver’s license at 18 without a prior permit?

Yes, in Maine, you can apply for a driver’s license at 18 without having previously held a learner’s permit. However, you must still pass all required tests, including the written knowledge and road tests.

Is it possible to get a permit online?

No, in Maine, you cannot obtain a learner’s permit online. You must visit a Bureau of Motor Vehicles office to take the necessary tests and complete the application process in person.


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List of questions (classic view)

  1. If your blood alcohol level is 0.15 grams per 100 milliliters of blood, your chances of an accident will increase
  2. A red light with a green arrow means
  3. If you are found to be driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 grams per 100 milliliters of blood or 210 liters of breath,
  4. This steady red X signal over a lane on a highway indicates that
  5. If two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection at about the same time,
  6. When an emergency vehicle approaches you from any direction while sounding a siren and emitting a flashing light, you must
  7. On a highway with three or more lanes in each direction, the _________ usually offer(s) the smoothest flow of traffic.
  8. What does this sign indicate?
  9. In which of these situations may you pass a vehicle on the right side?
  10. Which of the following statements about making turns is true?
  11. When driving a vehicle equipped with airbags, you should keep your hands on the steering wheel at
  12. What does this sign indicate?
  13. When you park near a curb, you must park _________ from the curb.
  14. If an oncoming vehicle approaches you with its high beams on, slow down and look toward
  15. To keep your vehicle on a steady path and avoid the need for last-minute moves, you need to look
  16. This hand signal indicates that the driver intends to
  17. If you see a pedestrian with a white cane or guide dog in the roadway, you must _________ and wait until the person is out of danger.
  18. Which of the following statements about railroad crossings is FALSE?
  19. Some municipal ordinances in Maine do not allow you to park
  20. What does this warning sign mean?
  21. You should use high-beam headlights in all of the following situations, EXCEPT
  22. In Maine, the speed limit _________ is 25 mph unless posted otherwise.
  23. At higher speeds in heavy rain, your tires can ride on a film of water and lose contact with the road. This hazard is known as
  24. This sign indicates
  25. If the road ahead is slippery, you must reduce your speed
  26. Large flashing or sequencing arrow panels may be used in work zones to guide drivers
  27. You must have your headlights on
  28. What does this sign indicate?
  29. Rear-end collisions are common on highways because many drivers
  30. If you follow the _________, you will be better protected from accidents on slippery roads.
  31. While driving, if you see an oncoming car to your immediate left and a bicyclist to your immediate right, you should
  32. This sign means that
  33. You need to maintain a _________ following distance whenever you change lanes, enter a freeway from an entrance lane, or merge with another road.
  34. When exiting an expressway, you first enter
  35. Which of the following statements about safety belts is FALSE?
  36. A red-edged orange triangle on the rear of a vehicle means that it is
  37. When you see a solid center line on your side of the road, you must
  38. It is unlawful to follow a fire truck within _________ when it is responding to a fire alarm.
  39. When a road is too narrow for cars and bicycles to ride safely side by side, bicycles should ride
  40. What does this sign mean?